Automation Studio

Executing Experiments

How can I ...

Alleviate the pain of learning different automation software packages and focus on effective decision making?

Increase the productivity of my team in controlling multi-instrument automation?

Collect real-time data to make on-the-fly, effective decisions?

LEA software, using Automation Studio™, is a state-of-the-art control software that provides a highly flexible platform to automate the execution of the designed experiments, integrating instruments from Freeslate and third parties. An easily configurable common user interface with smart training wizards for equipment control shields you and your team from the learning curve of multiple complex software packages, thus enabling them to focus on making good scientific decisions! Whether your team is local or geographically dispersed, real-time data collection and analysis provides tighter collaboration, by reduced delay in decision making. Different access modes for engineers, designers, and operators, allow you to control your business process.

With Automation Studio, you can:

  • Control both Freeslate and third party instruments through an easily configurable and intuitive user interface
  • Realize dramatic gains in productivity by learning a single software package that integrates all your lab automation
  • Collaborate effectively with local or global teams through real-time decision making
  • Execute simple and complex protocols that support applications in Life Science
    • Large Molecule
      • Biologics Formulation
      • Biologics Purification
      • Forced degradation
    • Small Molecule
      • Polymorph screening
      • Solubility
      • Crystallization
      • Excipient compatibility and Pharmaceutical API salt selection
      • Highly Automated DOE for Reaction Screening
      • Metals Impregnation for heterogeneous catalyst development
    • Sample preparation
    • Viscous Formulation
  • Add flexibility and scalability to your experimentation through protocols that can be reconfigured in light of new equipment

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