Solutions for Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Applications

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Since 2001, Freeslate has delivered high throughput systems to over 50 pharmaceutical companies worldwide enabling them to overcome the issues of the traditional drug development process. Freeslate’s high throughput systems are designed to accelerate the development of drug candidates, enabling development scientists to get more information faster, using less material and reagents. Freeslate offers end-to-end solutions based on the Core Module 3 (CM3) platform and more targeted systems based on the smaller CM Protégé platform. The entire experimental process is supported from intuitive experimental design, to full automation of the experiments, to the integration of analytical tools and data for faster, better development decisions. By enabling scientists to run more experiments in parallel, a much larger experimental space can be explored, leading to shortened experiment cycles and superior development decisions.


Optimal “druggability” depends on a combination of factors such as compound solubility, crystallization, polymorphism, and salt selection. By systematically exploring a broad set of these factors during preformulation, a design space can be established that enables the rapid identification of optimal formulation parameters. Freeslate’s systems completely automate crystallization, polymorph, salt selection, and solubility screens to rapidly characterize the physicochemical properties of therapeutic candidates in a rapid and thorough manner.

Process Chemistry

The Freeslate Reaction Screening System screens substrates, catalysts, reactants, solvents, and reaction conditions for a wide range of organic transformations in a high throughput manner. Using the system, drug development researchers can screen hundreds of reaction conditions a day to explore new synthetic routes, optimize reaction yield and/or optical purity, reduce/eliminate impurities, identify alternate reaction conditions to reduce costs, identify a suitable solvent, or overcome IP issues. Because of the greater throughput, you can explore reaction parameters outside those used in conventional experimentation, reducing development risk and allowing for non-intuitive discoveries.

Managed Research Services

Outsourcing some of your laboratory’s work to Freeslate can accelerate your R&D efforts. Through our small molecule Managed Research Services, Freeslate can provide contract research services to support your drug development needs. Some examples of services Freeslate can provide include:

  • Solubility Screening
  • Crystal Form Screening (salt-selection and polymorph)
  • Chiral Resolution Screening
  • Ternary Phase Diagram
  • Reaction Optimization

Our Managed Research Services team is currently engaged with several major pharmaceutical companies and collaborating with them to achieve their development objectives. All work is performed using the same workflows we have successfully delivered to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.


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